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Ryan Garcia’s Doping Scandal Have Emerged

Regarding the doping incident involving Ryan Garcia, the first welterweight boxer, new information has surfaced.

Journalist and insider Dan Rafael said that the boxer tested negative for the banned drug PED 19 norandrostenedione during his doping examination. As a result, the athlete had not consumed this material before to the bout with Devin Haney.

On the other hand, the “B” samples for ostarine, which were extracted from Ryan Garcia on April 19 and 20, will undergo additional testing. On May 22nd, this will be completed. The ultimate decision will be revealed after this.

Remember that before to the bout versus Haney, Ryan Garcia’s body tested positive for doping due to the presence of the illegal chemical ostarine. According to the “Flash” himself, he has never taken steroids.

He makes a point of saying that he beat Haney justly and fairly. Ryan Garcia also declared that he was going to sue the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Ryan Garcia knocked down Haney three times throughout the fight to win by split decision.

An otherwise outstanding performance has been overshadowed by controversy over Ryan Garcia’s positive doping test results following his convincing victory over Devin Haney. The Mexican-American fighter is the subject of criticism on all fronts.

Ryan Garcia’s Drug sample from Devin Haney fight

Ryan Garcia

Amidst all of this chaos, there is a new suspicion Devin Haney works with Victor Conte, who gained notoriety two decades ago for the BALCO steroid scandal.

Along with the reputations of numerous other professional athletes, this scandal damaged the careers of well-known athletes including Olympic sprinter Marion Jones and MLB player Barry Bonds.

The Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), a civil organisation in charge of administering the two anti-doping tests Ryan Garcia failed prior to his fight with Haney, was established with Conte’s assistance, as the 73-year-old disclosed following the controversy. “I am committed to working against drug-related cheaters,” declared Conte Boxing.

Ryan Connolly, an attorney representing VADA, denied that Conte had anything to do with the organization’s founding. Connolly explained in an interview with USA Today, saying, “Victor Conte was not involved in the formation of VADA.” I have no ownership or influence over VADA, and there is no relationship between us.

Nevertheless, ESPN used a letter from the World Anti-Doping Agency to disclose Ryan Garcia’s adverse test result for ostarine, a performance-enhancing drug that is prohibited by the organisation.

Conte entered the boxing ring after being sentenced to four months in prison for the BALCO incident. He has trained 28 champions, including Devin Haney.

Ryan Garcia, who first connected Haney to Conte and then to VADA, has denied using steroids.

Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney Break silence on doping Scandal

Ryan Garcia refuted the charges and stated, “I heard Devin Haney is connected with Victor Conte, who is connected with VADA, very closely.” He said, “Victor Conte, known for having been caught cheating.”

Haney did, however, endorse Conte’s appearance in a commercial for SNAC, Conte’s supplement firm.

“Victor Conte’s combat training has taken me to the next level,” Haney said. “I feel much better. My energy level has been excellent… Devin Haney. You won’t regret it. I am strong with SNAC.”

Conte and Haney met through Shawn Porter and have collaborated for a minimum of eight years.

Consequently, both have acknowledged that Ryan Garcia did, in fact, dope; in fact, after learning of Garcia’s positive drug tests, Haney even brought up Conte. “I am sort of a key man in Devin’s team in this respect,” Conte stated.

The tangled web of connections and charges presents a nuanced image of the difficulties faced by professional athletes, especially with regard to the openness and reliability of doping testing. Read more About Ryan Garcia’s Doping Scandal Have Emerged


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