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Victor Hugo won his entry into UFC last year in Dana White’s Contender Series

Victor Hugo won Dana White’s Contender Series last year, earning him a spot in the UFC. The largest championship arena for mixed martial arts (MMA) competitors is the UFC. Victor and I had a conversation to find out more about his path towards a professional MMA career.

Victor Hugo Ever since I was five years old, I have been a fighter. My father, a fighter, enrolled me in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school and taught me kickboxing to start my career. My inspiration comes from my father since, in my opinion, children are motivated to please their fathers.

I worked six days a week from 10 PM to 5 AM, slept very little, and trained twice a day. This routine continued for ten difficult years Victor Hugo until I was signed as the most significant event in the world, man. The biggest challenge was juggling training and work. It was difficult, but I made it work.

Victor Hugo As I previously mentioned, I began my career by training in BJJ and kickboxing with my father. It was an incredibly challenging path to the UFC. I attended school in my hometown from the age of five until I was twenty. After that, I relocated to the south of Brazil, where I had to undergo training in order to find employment.

I met this amazing MMA squad in the south of Brazil. I was familiar with the experience of rigorous training and self-dedication. I have to admit that in the end, I gave up everything to get to where I am, even spending time with my family, who are two thousand kilometres away.

Victor Hugo

My ultimate objective in the UFC is nothing less than championship success. I see myself getting to the top of my division with unwavering skill and determination. In 2022, my brother went away. We’d been friends since we were three years old, so that person was like a brother to me. Charles “Do Bronxs” Oliveira, a fellow UFC fighter,Victor Hugo was adored by him.

Victor Hugo goes next level with callout of Daniel Marcos after UFC Fight Night 240

Victor Hugo’s mind was shattered when he died. On the road, I cycled at 180 miles per hour. Undoubtedly, I went insane, but eventually, I was returning to my usual self, albeit with sadness. I battled and began training as a result. Then, because my brother was a big fan of Charles Do Bronx, I made a self-promise to myself to see my struggle through.  Victor Hugo Give it your all make no excuses. In that universe, weak people have no place.

Before being admitted last year, Victor had been turned down by the UFC years prior. Victor continued to practice with his objective in mind and unwavering determination despite encountering obstacles in every part of life. When Victor first entered the UFC last year, he stunned everyone by submitting via knee-bar, and in April of this year, he won his first fight by unanimous decision.

Victor Hugo Brazilian MMA fighter

For fighters Victor Hugo everywhere, from Chechnya to Sao Paulo, the UFC is their ideal venue. Many have come from very poor families to become successful in this sport, which is based in Las Vegas. Victor’s trip serves as a reminder of the commitment and labour that go into this popular blood sport.

Las Vegas: During UFC Fight Night 240 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas on Saturday, Victor Hugo defeated Pedro Falcao via unanimous decision. Examine the fight with Hugo, who extended his winning run to 14 bouts in a span of ten years. This man is incredibly difficult, so I was expecting a three-round hard fight. Everyone was speculating that Victor Hugo the fight would be simple. We would not have an easy fight, I knew it. In the UFC, everyone is extremely prepared. I’m not sure why people still think in this way. Everyone is a combatant. Everyone is working out hard. Therefore, I find it a little disrespectful of the boys to say that.


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