9-1-1’s Exclusive: Oliver Stark claims that Buck “doesn’t quite understand” his “jealousy” for Eddie.

In 9-1-1 season 7, Evan “Buck” Buckley will leverage his relationship with best friend Eddie Diaz to understand his feelings.

Buck is on a quest to discover happiness as the ABC comedy gets closer to its 100th episode, which is scheduled to premiere on Thursday, April 4. Since the show’s 2018 premiere, the character has followed this pattern, although episode 100, “Buck, Bothered and Bewildered,” might represent a significant advancement.
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9 1 1 s Oliver Stark claims that in Episode 100 007, Buck isn’t quite sure what he’s feeling with his envy for Eddie and Tommy.
Oliver Stark.

finally being able to take it slow and exhale a deep breath of relief.

Though Buck’s life seems full with a career he enjoys, coworkers and friends he loves, a close relationship with his sister, and even a now-mended relationship with his once-estranged parents, Stark did not clarify what Buck learns out he finally needs. He hasn’t been successful in finding a committed romantic partner, though.

For his part, Stark has opinions regarding the qualities that a candidate should possess in order to be a good fit.

“I hope it’s someone who can push him, but I believe it might be someone who isn’t too simple for him,” he stated to Us. “I consider everything from the past.”  All Blacks Fiji live stream


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